Bobby is the Pet Pick of the Week for 4-24-2015


***ADOPTED*** Gentle young boy, Toy Poodle mix, neutered, 3 years. At the time of rescue Bobby was so forlorn and depressed that he didn’t like to hold up his head. He likes other sweet dogs. Please shower him with comfort and adoration so he understands he is valued. Please plan and budget for regular professional…

General is the Pet Pick of the Week


Comical youngster, attractive Miniature Pinscher, neutered boy, 1 year. We admire his peppy, good-natured personality! He enjoys other dogs. He is still very puppy-like, so please puppy-proof your home and yard for his safety.

Gazelle is the Pet Pick of the Week


Beautiful spirit, Jack Russell Terrier & Italian Greyhound mix, spayed girl, 2 years. She has recovered very well from starvation. She is bashful and best suited for a gentle home environment. She likes other sweet dogs.