Why Is The Democrat Party The Political Party Of Racists?

Week after week we read about one Democrat or another charging the Republicans with being racist.

If you didn’t vote for Barack Obama for the presidency it is because he is black and therefore you are a racist.

If you oppose the policies (such as Obamacare) of President Obama it is because he is black and therefore you are a racist.

If you oppose a presidential nominee who happens to be black you are a racist.

If you support the idea that in order to prevent voter fraud everyone should show a picture I.D. before casting a ballot on Election Day, you are a racist.

The list goes on and on.

However, what is the true reality?

The political left has become obsessed with race. Everywhere they look they see black and white and yellow and brown. They see race and racial issues here, there and everywhere. It is a total obsession.

When the left makes accusations that Republicans/conservatives/Tea Party members are racist they are almost foaming at the mouth. And what do Republicans do? They become defensive. They buy into the blame game and begin to explain how they are not racist and, by the way, can’t we all just get along? The Republicans are playing a losing game because they are playing by the rules of the left. So what should they do? How should the right respond?

First of all Republicans should become less passive and more aggressive. The right should lash out when they see racism of the left rear its ugly head. Whenever confronted with comments made by a Representative Steve Israel or a Representative Charlie Rangel, the correct comeback is that those obsessed with race are the true racists. The Democrat Party’s obsession with race gave birth to the KKK and they carry the torch of that obsession today. They see race and racial issues everywhere. They cannot get it out of their mind and when it breaks through the thin layer of denial, they don’t know what to do except should out “racist”. It is as if they are looking into the mirror and cannot stomach what they are seeing.

There was an episode of “All In The Family” where Sammy Davis, Jr. was going to visit the Bunkers. Archie was obsessed with the fact that Sammy had a glass eye. He could not stop thinking about that glass eye. He told Edith that he didn’t want to mention the glass eye when Sammy showed up but he really couldn’t stop thinking about it. Edith told Archie to just think about something else and ignore the eye.

The doorbell rings and Archie opens the door to greet Sammy Davis, Jr. He invites him into his home and, of course, Sammy sits in Archie’s favorite chair. All the while Archie is trying to ignore Sammy’s glass eye and so far he has succeeded.

Edith enters with a tray of hard-boiled eggs and puts them on a table between Archie and Sammy. Without thinking, Archie says to Sammy, “Have a glass eye”. It was funny moment and very telling.

The left is constantly thinking “don’t think race”, “don’t think race”. And in a moment when they let their guard down, the first thing they blurt out is race. They cannot stop thinking about it. It is a constant on their mind. It is the manifestation of the definition of obsession: the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea.

Memo to the right: when confronted with the accusation by the left that you are racist, just remind the accuser that the racist obsession with race lies within them and maybe, just maybe that is something they ought to examine before making those kinds of accusations.

The Democrat Party has had an obsession with race ever since the founding of the KKK. It is time they examined their roots, their obsessions, their contradictions and their hatred. It is time they became Americans who accept Americans for the content of their character and not for the color of their skins.

Alan Stock, April 15, 2014