Alan Stock Interviews George Knapp


Alan Stock Interviews George Knapp on March 13, 2018. George talks about his research and experiences at Skin Walker Ranch and previews his appearance with George Noory on June 9th at the Silverton Casino and Resort.

Alan Stock Interviews Stephen Nasser


When he was 12 years old, Nazis tore Stephen Nasser and his family from their home in Hungry and transported them to Auschwitz.  He is the one who survived the ordeal. He was brought to Canada by the Canadian Jewish Congress in 1948, and in 1958 he immigrated to the USA. Nasser currently resides in…

Tech News with Kevin Richards


On today’s show we discuss how Domino’s Pizza is using Twitter in an interesting way that could affect the future of E-commerce. Kevin and Alan will discuss Facebook’s new product, Instant Articles, and how this innovation could change the entire internet as we know it. And finally, Apple has admitted to the existence of something…