The Exhaustive 2016 Election is Over

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Americans have waited for nearly 18 months for this tense nightmare to come to an end. While the Democrat primaries revealed tension between Clinton and Sanders, it did not compare to the GOP show that had Trump taking out his sixteen challengers one at a time. The tone was set for the most bizarre election…

Criminal Investigation of Clinton a Game-Changer

Weary Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have been on a slide for the past few weeks. Part of it could be the slow release of hacked emails turned over to and released by Wikileaks. While the mainstream media has been loathe to release all the details, the effect has been that of a constant drip-drop of water…

Should Trump and Clinton Debate Without a Moderator?

Trump and Clinton

Donald Trump is suggesting that his three debates with Hillary Clinton should be conducted without a moderator. That way no one can be accused of manipulating the debates. Just the two them…face to face. What do you think? Take the poll. For the entire story from the NY Post, go to: NBC’s Matt Lauer…

Pay to Play – Tip of the Iceberg

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The current “Pay to Play” scandal involving special access to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for those who contributed to the Clinton Foundation goes beyond perception into a very real realm. One example is the case of Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone Group chairman. Schwarzman’s firm is a major Clinton Foundation donor. After Clinton hosted a September…

Should Consideration be Given When Sentencing a Criminal if the Crime Led to Positive Changes?


Edward Snowden illegally leaked a trove of classified intelligence documents. His actions put other people’s lives at risk. But former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says he did a “public service” because through his actions he helped raise the debate we engaged in. “Now I would say that doing what he did — and the…

Conversion Conference Las Vegas – May 18-19, 2016


Coupon code: LVLOCALS4   Save $300 on 2 day conference registration Are you looking to up your conversion rate optimization game? Conversion Conference ( is the place for you.  Hosted on May 18-19 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, you will hear directly from experts who can help you learn how to test and optimize your…

Tech News with Kevin Richards


On this weeks episode of Tech News with Kevin Richards, Ventura Web Design CEO, Kevin Richards, discusses pointing to Donald Trump’s website, Domain Registration, Twitter shadow banning content, and CEO Tim Cook’s letter to Apple customers regarding the FBI’s request for an iPhone security workaround.