End Sanctuary Cities and Schools

We all know federal law supersedes state law. Liberals are more than happy to remind us of that fact when federal circuit courts overturn state laws regarding certain voting regulations. On the other hand when states vote to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in contrast to federal laws classifying the weed as a Class One dangerous drug, liberals are the first to crow about states’ rights. That is a quick lesson in liberal hypocrisy.

Now let’s take a look at so-called Sanctuary Cities and Schools. Mayors of various cities have informed the world that they will not comply with federal government requests to turn illegal aliens over to the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency as federal law requires. They say those people who have come into the United States illegally are welcome in their cities and, in some cases are eligible for certain government benefits including a valid Drivers License.

Recently, the chairwoman of the Rogers Foundation sent letters to UNLV, the College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State College and the Clark County School District asking for all of them to declare their schools to be sanctuary campuses. The Rogers Foundation is an education-focused nonprofit that sends a wealth of money in the direction of these institutions.

The fact that so-called Sanctuary Cities and Schools are in direct violation of federal law means little to liberals who seek to define issues on their own terms.

The only way for the federal government to address this issue is to withhold funding from institutions not in compliance with federal law. In the case of New York alone this would mean a loss of nearly ten billion dollars. The loss to participating schools would run into the hundreds of millions, if not billions.

The need to control our borders and regulate who enters this country has been of primary concern to the incoming Donald Trump administration. It was one of the basic issues in Trump’s run for the presidency. He has talked about “building a wall” and making sure our borders are secured.

The challenge of so-called Sanctuary Cities and Schools will be his first test as they have thrown down the gauntlet in defiance. New laws are not necessary. The refusal to comply with current laws should be enough to cause a loss of funds. This will be the administrations’ first test and they have a built in solution. They must use it.