Support Job Growth While Rejecting Hate-Filled Agendas

The BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement is looking to boycott businesses that have any connection to Israel.  In southern Nevada, in particular, this would affect businesses that employ many Latino and black residents.  If these businesses were even marginally impacted, it would mean many, many layoffs of those who work for these companies…. and just as we are starting to emerge from the last great recession, our unemployment rate would begin to rise.

The pogroms that led to the eventual death of six million Jews during World War II began with Jewish stars being placed on Jewish businesses as a signal for non-Jews to boycott these businesses.  Because that was accepted and never challenged, eyebrows were never raised when these business people and their families were eventually rounded up, shipped to extermination camps and gassed by the millions.

Think of it this way, if people who are upset about what goes on in an African country, would it make sense to boycott black business owners in Nevada, or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter?

SB 26, the resolution that opposes BDS efforts that would hurt the state of Nevada, does not target any specific business, but rather the organizations that oppose free market trade while promoting a hate-filled agenda.

Nevada’s Lt. Governor, Mark Hutchison, put forth SB 26, a resolution that rejects the efforts of the BDS movement to cripple a segment of our society.  It has passed the State Senate and is currently being considered in the Assembly Government Affairs Committee, chaired by Assemblyman Edgar Flores (D-28th District).  Several members of the committee have expressed full support.  Other members have not committed one way or another.  We need you to get in touch with those non-committed members to ask them to vote for SB 26.

We need to inundate them now.  This is urgent!! If this doesn’t pass by May 19th, it is dead in the water.  We cannot allow this to happen.

Please contact these members of the Assembly Government Affairs Committee and ask them to support SB 26.  It will contribute to a continued growth in the job market while rejecting hate-filled agendas.

Assemblyman Edgar Flores (28th District):  775-684-8583; 702-308-0483

We need to ask him to schedule a hearing for and support SB 26.

Assemblywoman Amber Joiner (24th District): 775-338-6733

Assemblyman Skip Daly (District 31): 775-359-0731

Assemblyman Chris Brooks (District 10): 702-682-1294

Assemblywoman Dina Neal (District 7): 702-738-5870