What is Behind Trump Hatred?

My rabbi posed an interesting question to me. He sees how the left and anti-Trump people are taking out their hatred for anything President Trump attempts. Pre-election demonstrations have expanded in size and intensity and seem to be pointed in various directions.

Demonstrations that occurred on inauguration day and the day after had been planned for weeks. Some signs addressed Trump in particular while others supported a variety of causes, from “women’s reproductive rights,” “equal pay,” “LGBTQ rights,” “immigrants rights,” “open borders,” “pro-Palestinian” sentiments and more.

Some protests erupted into full-blown riots. Downtown Washington, D.C. was ablaze during the actual inaugural ceremony. Riots in Berkeley protested a speaking appearance of conservative Breitbart Senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos and included anti-Trump sentiments. Mainstream liberals and Democrats never condemned these riots.

Each presidential action has resulted in protests in the streets and on the sheets of major U.S. newspapers. CNN, MSNBC and other networks salivate in trampling on Trump with each stroke of the executive action pen.

But what is the underlying factor with so many protests?
My rabbi wants to know what is behind their apparent overt hatred of this man and anything he says or does? What is behind their psyche?

Conservative opposition to Barack Obama was measured. Yes, we opposed his efforts to implement his programs such as Obamacare. We were upset when he launched his global apology tour while bowing before foreign heads of state. We thought he stretched the bounds of credibility by criticizing police actions as “stupid” without knowing the circumstances. But we didn’t take to the streets in mass protest. We did not riot, attack businesses and burn cars. We didn’t care for his actions and many of us did not care for him. For this liberals and many in the media dismissed us as racists.

Most of us did not forgo longstanding friendships with those with whom we vehemently disagreed.

I have been “unfriended” on Facebook. Long time “friends” say they can’t even speak with me because they are so upset with my support of President Trump. Their hatred of this man reached a boiling point. So we don’t speak.

What do I tell my rabbi? What is behind this incessant, unrelenting, almost rabid hatred for everything he says, for everything he does, for all of his cabinet nominees and for his family?

What is behind the psyche of this out and out hatred? Is it obstructionism or does it go way beyond that?