Tech News with Kevin Richards


Today in Tech News we answer a question from a listener… Why can’t I use Uber in Las Vegas yet? Kevin also discusses the new Windows 10 free upgrade and compares it to Apple. Alan confirms that he’s a Mac fan for life. Google Translate, a new feature on an already cool app, is also…

Ronny is the Pet Pick of the Week


***ADOPTED*** Adorable puppy, Terry-Poo (Terrier & Poodle mix), neutered boy, 6 months. Please puppy-proof your home and yard for his safety. We love hugging and reassuring him. He enjoys other playful dogs. Please plan and budget for regular professional grooming. He is recovering from neglect.

Francesca is the Pet Pick of the Week for 7-17-2015


***ADOPTED*** Tiny lovebug, Toy & Chihuahua mix, spayed girl, 1 year. Francesca pleads for a stable, caring home. She only weighs 4 pounds, so please take very thorough safety precautions for her throughout your home and yard. She likes other dogs. Adult-only home needed. (We suspect she was antagonized by a young child.)

Dr. Joe Heck Announces Bid For US Senate


Congressman Joe Heck chose the Alan Stock Radio show today on KDWN to announce his candidacy for the US Senate. Alan and Dr. Heck discussed several important issues today, including immigration reform. Related Articles: Las Vegas Review Journal – Joe Heck US Senate Candidate Twitter – Heck Announces Candidacy for US Senate Listen to the…

Tech News with Kevin Richards


Tech News with Kevin Richards. On Today’s show we discuss the upcoming iPhone 6s, Apple Summer Camps for kids, and some changes to Google search results