Valentino is the Pet Pick of the Week for 1-29-2016


***ADOPTED*** Broken-hearted youngster, Shih-Tzu, neutered boy, 2 years. Valentino is improving daily, gaining spirit and hope. He is recovering well from severe neglect. He enjoys other dogs. Please plan for regular grooming. (His shaved coat will grow again to long length.)

Precious is the Pet Pick of the Week for 1-8-2016


***ADOPTED*** Young at heart, Smooth Fox Terrier, spayed girl, 10 years. Precious is blessed with a beautiful spirit. She needed us when her previous owner passed away. She is housetrained and crate-trained. She is good with other dogs, but only if they are her size and larger. She likes going for walks and being near…

Tech News with Kevin Richards


Alan Stock interviews Kevin Richards, founder and CEO of Ventura Web Design, regarding Google suggesting an algorithm that can understand sentiment and disrupt terrorism, Apple’s latest product announcements and more. Ventura Web Design is a Las Vegas based e-commerce design and marketing agency.